torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2018

I just felt like sharing this very speaking moment with you that made me grow a bit!

I gave for my son a handful of candies and it didn't take long he came back to me begging to get some more. I didn't give him more and so he began to cry so miserably. I was hoping him to forget the candies while taking him to my lap and comforting him. Well, he didn't, and he always struggled his way away from my lap and I got so sad for that I was not enough for him to be the comforter. How can it be that he needs those useless candies instead? He doesn't want me.

Haha.. right.. While watching my son being heartbroken I was reminded about how I myself have been. I got a glimpse of that pain that God must have had when I have been crying after those worthless, perishable earthly things, and not after Him. I was born to this world like that, and I see how my own son is also born like that, that is our nature. Comfort which I got from earthly things meant so much more for me than that comfort which God was able to give for me. Those earthly things are more meaningful for me than God himself unless I come to Him and seek His power to change me. God has promised for me that supernatural life, where my nature is being renewed. And as I love my own child growing up with his own stubborn self will, in that same way (actually way better) God loves me with all my imperfections, while I am being molded towards spiritual adulthood!

- Mira

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